Easy Navigation to manage your data efficiently
Explore the unrealized advantages of customer data management with our easy to navigate Opt! CRM. Through an easy navigation, we make it easy to access different segments of CRM and organize all your customer and prospects data in customer profiles. Keeping a track of customer information, behavior and preferences, we enable you sending personalized notifications with most suitable offers to your customers and gain more leads to increase your business.
Gain more business with Efficient Leads Handling
Take advantage of our lead handling feature to turn your leads into business. With a specifically tailored CRM, we help you identify your leads and determine who all your potential customers are. Collecting intelligence about those leads makes you understand the interests and requirements of prospects better and help them with the most suitable solutions. Also, our unique lead commerce utility helps you purchase, pay for, and instantaneously receive multiple sales leads posted by various lead vendors.
Generate a Huge ROI through an increased User Satisfaction
Benefit from Opt! CRM to gain more satisfied customers and increase your ROI significantly. Easily integrating with add ons and other tools, our user-friendly CRM helps you improve your interaction with customers. Through an enhanced customer interaction, we let you connect with your customers in a more personalized way and send replies, messages and relevant offers to them. Serving the customers as per their requirements, you win their trust and bring more business every day.
Use our CRM free with Member Programs & Benefits
Take advantage of our exclusive OptSoft Membership Program and use innovative Opt! CRM completely free. Individuals or organizations that provide Consulting/Supply Services to other Businesses can easily qualify to become our esteemed members and get a completely FREE access of Opt! CRM Software and Services. We offer these business perks with the belief that by using and benefiting from our CRM, you will recommend us to the businesses you serve. Along with the huge Savings, we also offer attractive fees for each referral.
Get a share in our revenue via Partner Programs & Benefits
Join the exceptional OptSoft Partnership Program to get a share in our industry revenue and grow with us. organizations leading in their respective industries can receive this By Invitation Only relationship and become our esteemed Industry Partner. We felicitate our Industry Partners with special low prices for Opt! Software & Services, a share in our Industry Revenue, and preferential business relationship. As our Industry Partner, these organizations also receive the latest software improvements for free or at huge savings.
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