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Opt! is an all-inclusive Leads Commerce System that covers all aspects of managing Leads Sales & Distribution; Aging; Re-distribution; and track Performance. Use Opt! to purchase Leads from Inventory Maps; electronically receive Leads into Opt! CRM System; and convert those to Customers using Automated Sales Workflow. Advanced GPS & Dial functions help Agents with Directions; Route Planning; Neighborhood Search; and make Sales Calls. Opt! has been very instrumental in giving customers major edge over their competition leading to exceptional performance results. Our years of experience in serving some of the finest organizations has helped us achieve very high level of abilities in handling every need of Sales Organizations. Opt! is easy to use and rich in its capabilities with an extensive list of features & functions that are backed by personalized support.
Below are the features & functions included:
For Corporate/Managers
  • Multiple Lead Types & Levels
  • Multiple Agent Levels & Hierarchy
  • Leads Pricing based on Lead Types/Agent Levels
  • Reserved & Premium Distribution Areas
  • Leads Inventory Maps
  • Sales Coverage Maps
  • Order Entry, Approval, Charges, & Billing
  • Assign, Transfer, and Un-assign Leads
  • Auto Conversion of Lead Levels by Age
  • Auto Copy Leads for Resale
  • Leaderboards, Reports, & Dashboards
For Agents
  • CRM with Automated Sales Workflow
  • Ability to view Original Lead Forms
  • On-line Orders & Instant Purchase
  • Submit Applications & Track Progress
Premium Version
  • Auto Dialer
  • Agency Builder
  • Sync Mobile Calendar
  • Access Via SmartPhone/iPad
  • Auto Send Birthday & Thankyou E-Cards
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Add-on’s & Integration
Our GPS CRM integration software helps businesses with locating their sales team accurately and keeping a track of their meets and visits. Also, it allows to choose the tracking utility for a selected number of members and highlight them with a different color.
Benefit from our interactive US & State Maps integration to visualize the CRM data on states maps and perform focused geographical analysis. Our latest mapping integration enables you to organize the location-based CRM data and manage customer appointments accordingly.
We are offering the Intelligent Fillable Forms developed as per your exact requirements and help deploy them at multiple web sites easily. We also convert the paper form to the electronic one and help with links to be embedded in the emails easily.
Bring our unique integration out to make calls through the inbuilt CRM and attract more customers than ever. The latest technology !Dial allows the employees to make calls in a hassle-free way, make notes during the conversations, note the status of the call and serve the potential customers in a much better way.
Let your customers know instantly about your latest offers and announcements for them. Utilize the new !SMS integration to send SMS to your potential as well as existing customers and engage them with you for an increased productivity.
Utilize the advantageous !FAX integration to send urgent messages quickly to your customers. This unique feature allows the employees to fax urgent information to the customer and further improve the business relationship between them.
Let all your customers know about your offerings in one go! Bring the latest !Blast integration into action and send bulk emails to hundreds of your potential as well as existing customers instantly and expand your customer reach with a single click.
Use this to organize your mail campaigns for leads generation, reduce cost, improve performance, and track results.
Sync Mobile Calendar with Opt! Calendar for improved efficiencies.
Opt! CRM Premium users also get advantage of the availability of Auto-Send Personalized Birthday & Thankyou E-Cards to all your leads and clients.