We felicitate our Industry Partners with special low prices for Opt! Software & Services, a share in our Industry Revenue, and preferential business relationship. This By Invitation Only relationship is offered mainly to our 1st customers in an Industry, considered by us as Leaders, who not only gave us the opportunity to build a specialized solution for their Industry and shared Industry Insights, they are willing to help us market to others in that Industry. These Leaders are not threatened by others using similar technology because they realize that by allowing and encouraging us with growth opportunity in their Industry, they will also benefit. By many others using the same software, it will continue to improve by others input. As our Industry Partner, they also receive those improvements for free or at huge savings.
If you or your organization provides Consulting/Supply Services to other Businesses, you may qualify for OptSoft Membership. Our Members enjoy FREE use of Opt! CRM Software and Services. We offer this Membership with the belief that by using and benefiting from these, you will then recommend us to Businesses that you serve. Besides huge Savings, you may also receive attractive referral fees.
While any individual or business that provides Consulting/Supply Services can qualify for OptSoft Membership, typically these are Accountants, Attorneys, Consultants, Insurers, System Integrators, Printers, and Advertising Companies.
Add Opt! Solution or Technology to your Products or add your products to our CRM and offer it as a bundled and fully integrated solution. In return, receive special prices and business leads from us.
Individuals or Companies with a strong understanding of Opt! can join us and offer Installation, Training, and Support Services for our CRM. In return, receive a share of sales & service revenue and business leads from us.
Any individual or your organization with a good command on CRM can join us in various geographical areas and take on the responsibility of recruitment, training and managing Sales Partners. In return, receive huge sales commissions and bonuses.
Join our fast-growing sales force and sell our wide array of products/services and receive huge sales commissions and bonuses. You are also incented to develop your own team of Sales and Referring Partners under you.
Show that you like our products/services by referring to others and receive attractive fees from the resulted revenue.