Leads Commerce
Our all-inclusive Leads Commerce utility allows lead vendors to post and...
Opt! is an all-inclusive Insurance Leads Commerce System that covers all aspects of Leads Handling (Procurement; Loading on Map; Aging; Sales & Distribution; Copy For Resale; & Payment Gateway Integration), Agents Management, Sales CRM, Managers Assistant, Reports, and Dashboards. Our years of experience in serving some of the finest organizations has helped us achieve very high level of abilities in handling every need of Insurance IMOs, Agencies, and Agents. Opt! is easy to use and rich in its capabilities with an extensive list of features & functions that are backed by personalized support.
Below are the features & functions included:
For Corporate/Managers
  • Multiple Lead Types & Levels
  • Multiple Agent Levels & Hierarchy
  • Leads Pricing based on Lead Types/Agent Levels
  • Reserved and Premium Distribution Areas
  • Leads Inventory Maps
  • Sales Coverage Maps
  • Order Entry, Approval, Charges, & Billing
  • Assign, Transfer, and Un-assign Leads
  • Auto Conversion of Lead Levels by Age
  • Auto Copy Leads for Resale after specified duration
  • Leaderboards, Reports, & Dashboards
For Agents Use
  • CRM with Automated Sales Workflow
  • Ability to view Original Lead Forms
  • On-line Orders & Instant Purchase
  • Submit Applications & Track Progress
For Agents (Premium Version)
  • Dial
  • Agency Builder
  • Sync Mobile Calendar
  • Access Via SmartPhone/iPad
  • Auto Send Birthday & Thankyou E-Cards
Seminars/Events Management
Including the Invitation, On-line or Call-in Registration, Payment, Thank You Note...
Managing events (likes seminars or conferences etc.) is easy with Opt!. It includes Invitation, On-line or Call-in Registration, Payment, Thank You Note for Registering along with Event Details, Reminders, Check-In, After Event Summary & Survey and makes them easy and fully automated. We also allow for Early Registration Discounts, Cancellations, Credits, Venue/Schedule changes, and Capacity Control including various Reports and Data Analysis Charts.
On-boarding Management
With our On-boarding Management, we are making it possible to execute...
Use Opt! On-boarding Management to easily follow all steps required with On-boarding. Below are the details:


  • Multiple Clients
  • Multiple Candidates
  • Multiple Job Types for each Client
  • On-boarding Forms & Documents associated with Clients/Job Types (Forms supporting signature if required)
  • On-boarding Packages (with version controls) associated with Clients/Job Types


  • Maintain Clients, Candidate, Forms, Documents, and On-boarding Packages.
  • Send On-boarding Requirements to Candidates with an URL Link that allows Candidates to access On-boarding package – fill forms – read and acknowledge documents etc. Optionally send SMS (Text Message) to Candidate’s Cell Phone.
  • Send information e-mail to Clients also.
  • Re-send On-boarding Requirements in case missed by Candidate.
  • Provide Administrators the capability to track and view on-boarding progress by each Candidate.
  • Auto reminders for the Candidates who are late in responding.
  • Enable Candidates to partially fill forms and indicate “Complete” when fully filled. Partially filled forms can be re-accessed by them.
  • Enable the Candidates to Sign completed forms if required. (using mouse or finger)


  • Personalization – customer logo/name on system screens, forms, documents, and e-mails
  • Various Search, Print, Reports, and Administrator Dashboard capabilities
  • Further Customization Services Available
Contracting Management
Organize and execute every step needed for effective Contracting successfully...
Organize and execute every step needed for effective Contracting with Vendors. Including the RFP, Opportunities, Approvals, steps are provided to Finalize and Activate Contracts. Opt! Contracting helps you meet your requirements easily. Using the automated process to track and inform about expiring and expired contracts, we help you with a pro-active, on-time contract handling. This unique utility includes the capabilities to store and manage attachments, develop abstracts, send vendor packets, send & track FYIs and Approval Requests, and manage contract extensions.
Documents Management
Store and organize your documents easily and link with multiple accounts...
Store and organize your documents easily and link with multiple accounts, opportunities, and tasks quickly. Once the documents are stored, they are accessible from anywhere with proper access rights as well as transmitted as an attachment. These documents are easily searchable with the text in them. Moreover, we provide Scanner (TWAIN) Integration to upload paper documents as well as drag & drop capability for electronic ones.
Productivity Dashboard
Utilize Opt! Productivity Dashboard to stay informed about productivity...
Utilize Opt! Productivity Dashboard to stay informed about productivity progress of everyone in the organization. Recognize the top performers and motivate all others to perform better by sharing productivity numbers with everyone. We help with customized dashboard to meet your exact requirements and link it with real-time data in your existing system. Use this to experience huge productivity gains, improved management, and satisfied workforce.
Lobby Attendant
Make the most of advanced technology front office automation utility...
Through a comprehensive set of features, we are assisting all visitors with getting appointments, meeting the desired personnel, seeing the receptionist, making a delivery and all other related requirements. Also, Opt! lobby attendant greatly helps with sending emails and messages to admins/authorities and monitoring each visitor request.
Below are the features & functions included:
  • Getting instant appointment with the desired personnel
  • Appointment holder arrival alert to the desired personnel
  • Making a delivery to the desired personnel
  • E-mails/SMS alerts
  • Visitor Monitoring
  • Company overview presentation to the visitor in the lobby.
Service Calls Management
Use Opt! Service Calls Management to organize and manage service calls ...
Use Opt! Service Calls Management to organize and manage service calls efficiently. Using this utility, you can be assured that all your service calls will be handled on-time and everyone providing service will be well-informed. Through e-mails and personalized web pages, we keep the service recipients well-informed about activities and status to deliver a personalized and satisfying service experience.